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The rules of the bonspiel will be as per outlined in Curling Canada Rules for General Play, with specific rules as follows.

1. Buzzer rule:  The buzzer will ring approximately one hour and 45 minutes after the start of the draw.  Please complete the end being played and one additional end. An end is deemed to have begun as soon as the last rock comes to rest in the previous end.

2. Start on time:  A penalty of one point will be assessed for every 15 minutes of delay, and the game is shortened by one end for every 15 minutes of delay. The offending team must throw first in the first end. Game is forfeited after 30 minutes.

3. Free Guard Zone:  The 5 rock free guard zone rule is in effect.

4. Spares:  Spare curlers are permitted and must throw lead rocks.

5. Tie games:  Ties will be decided by one extra end. If still tied after one extra end, skip’s draws, closest to the button, with sweeping, shall determine the winner.

6. Brooms and sweeping:  Hair brushes and corn brooms must not be used for sweeping.  Players must use the same brush for sweeping the entire game, unless equipment problems necessitate a change.  Skips shall jointly decide when equipment changes are necessary.

The primary goal of the bonspiel is to engage in friendly competition with friends from across Western Canada. 


Please keep in mind and compete with the fellowship that the WCDS is founded on!

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