Dear WCDS participants, sponsors and supporters,

The WCDS 2020 organizing committee has made the decision to postpone the bonspiel again for another year. Our reasons for doing so include:

  • Our concern that participants would be reluctant to travel, resulting in decreased participation.

  • The unknown cap on large gatherings (currently at 50).

  • Additional expenses (hotel deposits etc.) at risk should we have to cancel again

  • Not meeting the expectations of what we have promised our sponsors.

  • Most importantly, the loss of the fellowship component of the spiel as a result of the need for physical distancing meaning we would have to reconfigure all of the social aspects of the weekend.


This is not the news that any of us wanted, but I am happy to say that our committee has agreed to try again for 2022. Tentative dates are March 16 - 19, 2022, so mark your calendars.

To keep us all connected we are considering having a Zoom meeting in March to allow us to reunite and potentially raise some funds for the WCDS scholarship, bursary and endowment funds. Please stay tuned and share this message with your teammates. 

All the best and we will make this happen!


Neil and the WCDS 2020/21/22 Committee.



Western Canada Dental Society Meeting and Bonspiel